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Readers may have gathered that I was a bit disappointed at the slow pace of our househunting efforts, but no more--I have cured myself. Brian has been out with the agent three times and we've been to a dozen or more open houses by ourselves. There are a handful of places we've seen already that would be ok, but no perfect houses--the yard's too small for me, the house is too uninspired for Brian, the road is too busy out front. Victoria nixed one house because it was a ranch style: "There's no upstairs!" For some reason, she was decidedly indignant about this.

But after he'd seen a few of the more likely candidates, Brian started to get angsty. He's wondering when he'll know he's looked enough and can make a decision. Agreement is anathema to our relationship, so now I find myself quite comfortable with our situation. The rental place is reasonable, we're not working against any deadline, and there's no shortage of places for sale around here even now--and plenty of people who can wait until Spring to put their houses on the market do wait. The person I feel sorry for is our real estate agent.

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