koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

The red and blue ships have collided!

My car troubles continued. Today I could not start the thing no matter what. Internet sages recommended whacking the key with a mallet and/or shooting WD40 into the lock. Neither of these worked for me. I think I need a new ignition tumbler. And a tow unless I can get it started One More Time.

This morning I was supposed to meet the real estate agent to look at houses. I called her and she came to the house to pick us up. We looked at a whole bunch of places; no 5yo on earth could be more patient and cooperative than househunting V. We got home and I attempted to start the car for the next hour but to no avail. It's probably better that the car be stuck here than at ballet class, but hhV was sorely disappointed. Me, I'm just sore: I got blisters on my fingers.

Tomorrow I will try to trick Victoria into walking somewhere. Otherwise we are stuck.

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