koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


1. What's the longest time you've spent standing?
I guess about eight hours, when I manned information or recruiting booths. The standing wasn't too hard, it was the smiling that wore me out.
2. How many people on LJ (or your blog) know your real name?
3. What makes you afraid?
I may be conflating fear with anxiety, but I think there is a long list of things I am afraid of. Off the top of my head: falling; being crushed; something bad happening to a kid; scary movies (as soon as the music gets scary, I am ready to leave); malevolent authority; mobs; creepy bugs; freezing; drowning.
4. What's the worst physical injury you've had?
The one that took the most time to heal was a multiple fracture of my leg and foot. It didn't hurt all that much, though. Headaches are much worse, and the pain of frozen digits warming back up.
5. What line won't you cross?
There are many lines I won't cross. See number three; fear keeps me ruly. Plus I make up pointless laws for myself and follow them.

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