koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Snow day

Schools in Columbus were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday this week because of cold. Oh well. I was just a bystander, a disinterested observer. Until today, when there was actually a bit of snow on the ground and schools were cancelled again. Which led Westerville Rec to cancel day classes. Which meant no ballet. Oh no!

We tried to build snow critters but this snow was uncooperative. So we rustled up a sled and went to a city-sanctioned sledding hill for the best sledding I have ever seen. We got there at about 11am and there were probably 50 people there. By the time we left around 1pm the crowd had tripled at least and everyone was still having a great time. The hill for trudging up was no picnic, but all the other people were being very cheerful about it so I pretended to enjoy it, too.

Home for lunch, post office, library, and then we stopped at a grocery store to get stuff to make cookies to send to Jennifer (I don't know if she'll be excited to get cookies, but it was the most practical of Victoria's ideas for a Valentine present). I just got a mix, Betty Crocker chocolate chip, but they turned out fine.

Tomorrow is a looking at houses day.

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