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My days are so dumb. I don't want to not write, but here's what you'd miss if I didn't:

We wanted to go to a program on animal skins at a nature center this morning, but I got lost trying to get to the park. It was going to repeat later in the day, but I wasn't sure of the time. We went to Staples instead and returned the heart stickers I'd bought yesterday; they were insufficiently sticky. I also got a refund for some clearance envelopes for which I was charged the original price. I hadn't noticed at the time because I was on a bargainshopper's high--#5 bubblemailer 8-packs were FIFTY CENTS on the same clearance table.

Then to Michael's to find replacement heart stickers. Card blanks with envelopes were 20 for $2, so we got those, too. A wide assortment of novelty yarns were $2 a skein and we touched every one of them but left them all there.

Post office to mail a paperbackswap book and buy stamps. Buy stamps! I have approximately three thousand dollars of unused postage back in Maryland in one of the boxes I carefully marked "essential" and then left behind. I should not have to buy stamps for decades. But I bought stamps.

Library. Returned books and movies, then I checked the park website for better directions and the program schedule. It repeated at 10:30 and 1:00. Since it was 10:45 by now, 1:00 looked like the plan. Victoria played the Dora computer game while I took care of administrative matters involving envelopes and stamps. We checked out more books and movies, found the park and arrived at the stroke of 1pm.

Snow started falling as the excellent program drew to a close. This kept Victoria happily distracted from the fact that she was ravenous. Got home and had lunch. Heard about the short u sound from Between the Lions, did some laundry, read, watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. This is a fairly beautiful movie, although the story was a bit shallow. If you've already seen Dances with Wolves, don't even bother with the audio.

Dinner, Victoria made some valentines while I did a cross stitch thing, and then Victoria went to bed and I organized some files and checked email and washed dishes. At some point I will get around to bitching about the dearth of cooking and eating utensils here, but this post is long enough as it is.

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