koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

home? again

It's weird to come back here and try to think I've come back home. We had a fun trip, but I should have brought the Palm with me. Brian's laptop had to stay in the hotel room where we had no internet (expensive hotels make you pay for it; cheap hotels give it away) so I couldn't take advantage of downtown Tampa's free wifi.

Tuesday we moved from the cheap hotel to the fancy one and we spent the day in Orlando. You know where. Victoria didn't know where we were going until we got to the parking lot. Waiting in line for tickets she said, "This is a GREAT time to come because I'm not afraid of characters anymore!" She wasn't. I have photographic evidence I'll post soon.

Wednesday Brian worked and we walked around, found the library, looked for a playground, played in the hotel pool. Doesn't look like a day's worth of stuff, but there you go. Thursday Brian worked and we went to Busch Gardens. It was a pricier admission than I expected, but what a cool park. Comparison was inevitable having been to the Magic Kingdom a couple of days prior. It was much prettier, hands down. Less in-your-face marketing. I loved all the animals. It didn't hurt that the crowd was so light that Victoria was able to walk right onto any kiddie ride she liked with no line. We rode the log flume four times in a row, each time with a line of fewer than ten people ahead of us. If I had known ahead of time what an old-person's stomach I've developed, I would have skipped The Sandstorm and made it a perfect day--I'm feeling queasy writing about it now. Gah. Anyway, as the day was winding down I mentioned to Victoria that I thought Busch Gardens might be a better amusement park than Disneyworld and she disagreed quickly and with disdain. "No way. Disneyworld has much better characters." Be that way.

Friday we packed up and drove around looking at soggy Tampa and environs. We were south of the bad storms that ripped through Florida the previous night. It's a very quick flight home, well under two hours. Got our mail and the Entertainment Book had arrived. Woohoo! I spent the morning today reading it cover to cover. I have a lot of eating, shopping, and bowling to do this year, better get started...

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