koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

pictures of the new place

For the nonce I am setting my computer on the dining room table after other people go to bed and then stuffing it back in a corner before sunrise. I know this arrangement will lose its charm real soon, but for now I am too thrilled to have my connection back to let it bother me.

This morning Victoria and I woke up and she watched one of the worst movies ever to befoul my peripheral attention, an animated version of The King and I, while I straightened things up and finished reading Anonymous Rex. It's natural to compare the book you're reading with the one you've just finished, but I didn't do that exactly; when I closed the book I realized that it had the exact same ending as my previous read, Darwin's Radio. That was kind of funny.

Victoria wanted to take pictures to show Jennifer our new place, so we did that next. Here you go.

We didn't have anything planned after that, so we drove to COSI, the kids' science museum downtown. We got there just after it opened and stayed all day. I was a little disappointed that Victoria wouldn't let me finish making my space movie but that wasn't COSI's fault. It's a very cool museum, we will definitely return soon.

Christopher called to see if I could help his roommate's girlfriend uninstall something. I ended up emailing instructions, I hope it works.

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