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you know there is more stuff

People shopping at the Value Village on University Blvd in Hyattsville are going to get some very cool stuff. Sniff! Here are a few more things; I think I'll have to stop after this list because I won't have time to deliver it before I go...

Belkin 10/100BT ethernet PCI card, never opened

SMC Cable/DSL 4port 10/100 Router includes 7ft cat5 cable, never opened

Leather Goddesses of Phobos for Macintosh including a (used) invisiclues hint book & pen

Two dark wooden cookie molds - think speculaas BUT they are tobacco-themed. The smaller one shows a barrel, some leaves, and a box of cigars. The larger one shows a tobacco auctioneer. Both are stamped "Tabacos La Paz Primeros".

A tatting shuttle

Native Americans of the Southwest discover kit "Learn about Pueblo cultures while excavating your own Anasazi artifact"

Inkjet transfer paper (for making tshirts and the like), both packages are unopened but the one for light-colored material has 12 sheets while the one for dark-colored material has 5 sheets.

VHS tapes
  • The White Shadow hour-long season premiere episode
  • Capture That Capsule!
  • The Match screening copy

English-Konkani / Konkani-English dictionary 1983 reprint of 1883 work

Indonesian-English dictionary 1953 (note this is part 2 of 2 and does not include English-Indonesian entries

Signed copy of Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure - This isn't heavy enough to list below, but it is a big color photo book

Very Heavy Books - these are beautiful and they're not coming with me, see if they have a spot on your shelf or coffee table (does anyone have a coffee table?)
  • America's Great Comic Strip Artists: From The Yellow Kid to Peanuts</i>
  • </s>Hiroshige: Birds and Flowers - 91 color plates</s>
  • Hokusai: One Hundred Poets - 41 color plates and 70 b&w illust

    Let me know if you can use any (or ALL) of these!

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