koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

My junk drawer

All of these things are going to the thrift store if you people don't want them. Tell me what you want and email me (ljname at gmail) your address--if I can't drop it off, I will mail it. I am a real good mailer.

  • 22 gauge crafting wire, 12 spools in different colors for a total of 48 yards
  • 4 foam paint "brushes"
  • a clock that chimes bird sounds
  • type B surgical tubing, a couple of yards or so
  • gift wrap: "Ideal Girl" and "Military"
  • 2 packages of disco ball bead curtains
  • a beat-up escape route map of the DC area, c.1960
  • Magic Garden, one of those grow-a-crystal-landscape toys
  • 1 black hat, think "1980s real estate agent"
  • 1 unused yo yo
  • "Beat-Nik", a wind-up toy (with key!) from 1964 with its battered box
  • Y2K Bug, another wind-up toy from another era
  • 4 heavy brass wall hooks descending from brass quail
  • 4 1/8" round wicks for oil lamps or the like
  • a little box of antique brass upholstery nails, 7/16" x 1-1/2"
  • a little box of 60 red thumb tacks
  • 1 bad habits poster printed on plastic (Indian Educational vignettes)
  • 1 DelMarVa keep-out/avian health poster printed on something like thick Tyvek

There is so much more; why?! I am cottoning to Brian's idea of leaving everything behind. I'll try not to start a new collection of stuff at the new place but I am clearly an acquirer by nature.

I have all my clothes except a laundry basket's worth packed. Theoretically, all I have to do is take that and my essential papers and my computer. Today Brian asked if I was taking my computer! I'm glad I didn't panic. He was simply inquiring as to whether I'd prefer to take my laptop instead. It's the first time he's acknowledged that I gave it to his parents to use--of course I'm not going to yank it away from them. Moreover, I never became much of a Mac user. For a second I thought he thought I would be computerless and that was quite a shock.

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