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More zoo

Jennifer missed our trip to the zoo last week so we went again on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and we caught the elephant bath and the otter feeding. Jennifer was interested in seeing some animals, while Victoria is primarily looking for interesting grates, pocket-sized stones, and whatever is sitting in the next stroller we pass. As we approached the little bear statue, three kids had climbed on it and were being drawn, haringesquely on the asphalt, by a mom who had a bag of chalk. The drawing mom had on a red sweatshirt like the one Jennifer was wearing and Victoria raced up and tackled her, yelling "Jennifer! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" The mom was just as enthusiastic and gave Victoria some chalk. We were surprised that Victoria didn't clam up and run away when she saw that it wasn't someone she knew, but I guess the chalk won her over right away.

I needed to pick up a book from a friend who lives just off of Connecticut Avenue and I needed to drop off a letter for another friend who has a store a little further up (Kensington Row Bookshop on Howard, she's done a great job of putting together a comfy used-book store, go) and then we went home to get swimsuits and we went to the school gym for a while and left Jennifer there when we were done. Christopher came with us (to play basketball, not swim). Brian was making dinner when we got back. Later, Chris and I watched A Clockwork Orange. Another weekend of getting nothing done around the house. I should clean something tonight but I have a box of books I want to catalog first and there is a music night for toddlers up at Takoma Towers. Sometimes when Brian is home he will clean just for the hell of it, but I know he is supposed to be at the office today because he was dressed in logowear this morning when I left for work.

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