koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

wrapping up

It was weird leaving the office on Friday. I was the last one to leave but I had given back my keys, so I knew that when the door shut behind me I was locking myself out. Brian's family had a party that night at his sister's house. It's always fun when the cousins get together; we had thirteen of them there. Fun and loud. His sister suggested we see the Festival of Lights when we left; it was just me and Victoria in the car on the trip home. I didn't realize until too late that the F of L was a $12 experience. Ow. Victoria seemed mildly appreciative, but when we reached the end I asked her what she thought of the Festival of Lights and she said, "It's too long." I definitely prefer the walk-through one at Brookside Gardens to the drive-through.

Today I did more cleaning out and then Brian's friends had a going-away party for us. It was very nice, not to mention an impressive feat squeezing an extra event in this time of year. Another huge group of kids at this thing, and they were almost as loud as Stavishes.

This week we have hauled three truckloads of books to the dump. The dump! I haven't done the actual dumping myself but just knowing that it happened makes me sick. A little sick. I do know that nothing precious was in there. Still.

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