koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

quick update with pictures

Not my favorite weekend, no. We had a couple of fun houseguests, though, a neighbor dog and a cousin human. And the babysitter had us over for dinner, where she gave Victoria two amazing outfits. The red and gold one she wants to wear for Christmas, but I have to take up the skirt.

I forgot to show you our tree. It's been up a while. Victoria keeps wrapping stuff and putting it under the tree. Then she remembers it's stuff she wants to use and we have to unwrap it again. I also found a clutch of little pink and yellow packets scattered under the tree this weekend. Thanks, Always®, for wrapping your products so festively!

Although this is not unusual, I've had a horrible time getting out of the house on time. I haven't been to bed before 4am in a couple of weeks. This morning was really awful, but Victoria makes it easier by dressing herself. Check out the shoelaces! I couldn't be too late because it would look really bad to be tardy on the day of my going-away luncheon. We had lunch and ice cream cake and I got some cool gifts including a birdfeeder that actively flings squirrels away. Here's the group. We all look pretty happy, don't we? I think they are smiling through tears, though; I am a fabulous coworker.

I still have one project to clear up and I have to clean out the office. Pretty exciting!

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