koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

and still more pirates

Piratz Tavern! I believe that when a pirate-themed restaurant opens nearby we are duty-bound to check it out. I have lived by this code my whole life ever wondering when the antecedent might occur and, sure, enough, just as we're preparing to flee guess what pops up in downtown Silver Spring? Yep.

From the looks of things, they've been open a month or so. They're definitely still in the shake-down stage. Lots of fun pirate paraphernalia strewn about, I liked the music, the staff was friendly if a bit unorganized. Brian thought the menu was weak although I thought on paper it looked adequate. In real life, there were some holes--they were out of mussels, which made us sad, but then UNTHINKABLY they were also out of grog. At 8pm on a Saturday night. A pirate restaurant. What could be more wrong?

I ordered a half-plate of Salmagundi and it was delicious, far better than authentic pirate fare I am sure. Brian got steamed clams and a salad, neither of which excited him. Victoria had macaroni and cheese, which she all but ignored in favor of coloring with the tiny treasure chest of crayons the waitress brought for her. There's a nook for kids behind the hostess station with pillows and pirate books and something playing on a tv screen. On the way home, Brian mentioned that the shape of the restaurant was off-putting. It's a deep, narrow space and (big surprise) I disagree with him. I think it's taverny.

Overall, there's room for improvement but I had fun. I prefer non-chain restaurants in general and it's nice to have another option in the area.

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