koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

random notes

I forgot to tell you what my Thanksgiving was like. You would have been just fine not knowing, but here: my FiL was feeling sick, so we didn't go visiting. We stayed at home and looked at each other for hours and then went to the Tastee Diner and had plates of yellow food. I walked home because it was nice out; no one wanted to accompany me. Later there was a quest for popcorn and I had to listen to a whiny harangue from crybaby Jennifer on the subjects of vehicles and cookware.

The rest of the weekend I got stuff moved out of the house in such quantity that several expanses of basement flooring are now visible. Woohoo! Despite my poor organizational skills, the class on Monday was well received and I managed to keep my dentist appointment today. If I can transfer the treasurer stuff to the new WABA guy this week, I will be on top of the world.

You know I love love love reading comments, right? Unless they are super-dumb, and I can tell you right now that my threshhold is high. For instance, I was delighted to peruse the blabbermouth thread about Axl Rose booting Eagles of Death Metal from the current tour after the first night. Delighted! Imagine, then, my ... ecstasy when I happened upon Tuscan Whole Milk offered on Amazon. Marvelous.

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