koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


Although I am still unable to smell anything, I have learned how to taste, although I can only do it briefly and it doesn't make me much of a dining companion: after a mouthful of food, I blow my nose. Aaah! I discovered it this morning after taking a pill with some leftover coffee. Today Jennifer brought me lunch (she has a lot of meal plan money to use up over the next two weeks) and I honked my way through a couple of spoonfuls of crab soup. I tried to eat the gigantic salad she brought, but gave up before I got very far.

I just cancelled my trip to New York next week. I was supposed to go with Brian to some lodge-y thing on some lake-y resort, but the timing at work is looking bad and then there is the sickly hound. We're supposed to go to Boston later, that should be fun. And I am swimming in use-or-lose leave hours! I wish I could take another month off like the fondly-remembered New Mexico trip, but under the current administration here that is unlikely to be approved.

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