koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

short week

Today I was telling my coworker that she was lucky to have started working here after the reorganization that removed a pair of truly horrible managers from our office. I love talking to her because although she is unfailingly nice, her responses are impossible to predict. "Yes," she answered, "I am always lucky. When I drive, the lights are always green." I'm pretty lucky, myself, but not that lucky.

I made a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread last night. They turned out ok, but nothing to go crazy over. I wanted something more spectacular from my beautiful little pumpkin. I think I'll make soup with the rest.

Since I am getting rid of books every waking moment, I keep skimming off stuff that I'd like a quick read through before tossing. I also grab books for the rest of the household. On Sunday, I walked into a room intending to look through Bear Attacks of the Century and I noticed that Brian was reading a memoir about Bear Bryant and Victoria was paging through Little Bear's Friend. Cute, huh?

The dean is releasing us at 2pm since tomorrow is a holiday. Woohoo!

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