koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

a whole lot of nothing

Kept busy all weekend doing nothing in particular--a very nice change, since the whole month of October was way too full.

Brian was home when Victoria and I returned from the PO, so we asked him if he wanted to go to the zoo with us. He said ok, but he would drive and meet us (he has a problem with the subway). We had no trouble meeting up and the walk around the zoo was fun, although Brian felt compelled to share that on a scale of 1 to 10, the zoo rated a 1 for him. At this point in his life, he added. Duly noted. Later we passed the caracal, a cat that has always been asleep when I've visited previously. We were happy to see he was moving and then he came straight to us and gave a huge cat hiss to Brian. It is quite a striking sight: the caracal has freaky-big ears that turn back at the tips, his eyes are spectacularly blue, and when he snarls he looks decidedly demonic. He paced a little and then returned to Brian to repeat his opinion. This happened several more times and finally we left to give the poor beast a break. I thought the experience might have been exciting enough to ratchet Brian's zoo trip rating up to a 1.5 or so. No. Apparently he is of the opinion that the caracal talks big when there's a cage between them but would never have the balls to actually spring at him. We finished looking at animals and walked to Brian's car, but he had neglected to bring a seat for Victoria. He has done that several times in the past, "forgot" a carseat because he thinks carseat laws are stupid. No big deal, we took the metro home and let him drive alone. I wonder what the law is in Ohio? Off to check.

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