koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

It's Friday

1) Tell us about where you live.
I live in a gray house. When my next-door neighbors said they were painting their house green, I was happy. They had a gray house, too; I thought it would be nicer not to have two houses in a row the same color. Then they painted their house the grayest green imaginable. What is up with that? People!
2) If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be?
I have a couple of ideas. For one thing, the kitchen is laid out wrong but I don't know how to make it better. I've looked through design books, but I wouldn't mind having a pro take a look at it. For another, we need a library. The one I have in mind is a two-and-a-half-story addition that will triple the size of the house. No pro is going anywhere near this thing. I am building it myself out of milk jugs, bottle caps, and AOL CDs. Neither of those two projects are really happening, though. If I could change ONE thing about my home I would make the speed limit on the road in front of my house automatically enforced. When I am feeling especially kind, I see something like a gentle webbing restraint system that drops onto speeding cars. Usually it's more along the lines of a weapon that precisely vaporizes offending vehicles.
3) Do you do laundry on a regular schedule?
No, I usually put a load in the washer at night and move it to the dryer before I go to sleep if I remember. If not, I move it to the dryer when I wake up.
4) Describe the place that you sleep.
My bedroom is full of curtains. The closets do not have regular doors, just tension rods with sheets hung from them. There are ten-foot curtains hanging in the middle of the room to separate Brian's office from the bed. There are curtains with big ugly flowers hanging on the windows for "decoration". It's a corner room so we have windows on two sides. Behind these curtains, Brian hung some blinds that completely shut out light. These are the best invention in the history of home furnishings for people with headaches.
5) This morning: was it easy or difficult to start the day?
Very easy to start the day. I was too excited to sleep because I had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. Don't you wish you had my life?

1) What was the first CD/Record/Album/Artist you ever bought and what format was it in? (Vinyl/Cassette/CD/MP3 Download)?
It was The Fine Art of Surfacing album, vinyl, by the Boomtown Rats.
2) How do you usually listen to music? (iPod/Walkman/Stereo/Radio)
On my fIpod or the car CD player.
3) What is your favorite genre of music and why?
I used to think I liked all types of music--until my kids got old enough to choose their own music. Each one had different tastes and they both sucked. Horrible stuff! Then I realized that I had been unconsciously filtering all the music I didn't like into a category of noise I would not recognize as "music". I never really liked all types of music; I liked everything I chose to call music. As you can probably tell, I am dancing around the idea of selecting a genre to choose as my favorite. Maybe I don't have one.
4) What is your opinion on music video shows and music televion?
no opinion
5) Do you usually agree with who the winners of the Grammy Awards are?
I'm usually unaware of the winners and often when I hear of them I don't know much about them.

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