koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

All pinked out

Victoria's birthday party was Sunday and as usual luck was with us. I had invited some kids and planned a kid-type afternoon. The guest list grew, but I learned about it early enough to adapt the 4-to-6yo party games to a wider age range treasure hunt sort of thing. Fortunately the weather cooperated because if we'd been stuck indoors ... I shudder to think.

We went through two cakes and a gallon of ice cream in record time. Then Victoria opened presents. So. Very. Barbie. The household Barbie population increased 700%, not to mention the princess costume and the amazing selection of shoes. She now has twice as many elegant plastic slippers as she does regular citizen shoes. After everyone left, she and I sat down at the table and began the arduous task of extracting Barbie stuff from Barbie packaging. Mattel sure knows how to secure product. Then she changed everyone's clothes for a while while I did party cleanup.

A little bloodshed (the treasure hunt tried to take down a couple of girls, but they toughed it out), some gummy worms, a ton of Stavishes--it all worked out. Whew!

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