koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

abbreviated 5s

1. Have problems sleeping?
Never. I never try to sleep until I'm really tired, though. I often have problems waking. This morning was weird--I had a headache that woke me up mid-dream. I hardly ever remember my dreams, so it was interesting even though it was uncomfortable. In my dream, a bunch of people had come to a housewarming party. I was happy to see someone I knew, efbq, but she was on her way out. I was surprised to see she was driving a huge crew-cab truck towing a camper with a trailer behind that holding minibikes and some kind of personal watercraft. I thought it would be hard to maneuver with a trailer-trailer setup like that. Then I woke up.
2. Last dare accepted?
Have I ever accepted a dare? I don't think I have ever done anything on a dare that I wouldn't have done otherwise.
3. Last dare given?
I don't think I use that particular construction to encourage people to do things. I don't remember doing it if I have.
4. Are you free with your feelings?
No way!
5. Tell us a lie:
I can not.

1. Were you the dumper or the dumpee in your last romantic dyad?
I'll just answer this one because the rest all continue in this vein and don't apply to me. Assuming that my current situation is considered a romantic dyad--it certainly is the closest I have ever come to being in something of that ilk--then it is both my first and my last and no dumping has occurred.

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