koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Everything's coming up roses...

Actually, we only have a couple of roses and they're not up at all. Everything's coming up irises and azaleas, but still--I forced myself to go to work this am because I dreaded the consequences of the stupid lsass virus. It turned out to be not so big a deal: most people heeded our earlier pleas to update and those who didn't were easily fixed. So that's another sick day I can use sometime when I feel good enough to enjoy it. Say this Thursday, for the root canal? Anyway.

Dieting has not been a problem recently since I can not taste anything. I can't TASTE anything! It is disgusting. I haven't eaten anything since Friday. I checked online to see what was wrong with fasting (Atkins and SB say don't fast or your body will hoard calories and THEN you'll be soooo sorry) and I found a place in Frederick that offers fasting camp for grownups. For $750/week, they will let you stay at their retreat and drink water and think deep thoughts. One posted testimonial was from a happy camper who had fasted for five weeks. Interesting. And then I found some breatharians online who just never eat. If I were to lose my sense of taste permanently, I might consider breatharianism.

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