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here's what I did with all yall's felicitations

I woke up early so that I could sit for the sitter while she made an early run to the clinic this morning. I was only a couple of minutes late to work AND I remembered the ironing board. xAnn and I somehow became Keepers of the Curtains in the recent bout of musical offices, although neither of us is moving. The gray curtains looked horrible when we rehung them, so she brought her iron on Monday, but I couldn't bring my ironing board that morning because Brian was using it. To iron stuff. He's weird.

There were some screw-ups to fix first thing in the day, then some time to work on projects, I walked to the post office, and I took four personal calls: birthday wishes from my mom, my sister, and a friend plus a distress call from another friend whose computer won't boot. A few days ago my boss asked me to stop making rude noises whenever my phone rings. "It's unprofessional," he said. I practiced all day today, with some success.

When I came to pick up Victoria, my babysitter showed me an address she had written on a piece of paper. "Do you know where this is?" I started to explain how to get there and she asked, "Can you take me there?" She brought a bag of naan and explained that she was borrowing a movie and wanted to bring something.

We found the apartment. Victoria and I waited in the car because the only close place to park blocked an entrance. 14th Avenue in Hyattsville, if you know the area. A vibrant community. She was in there a while and when she came out she was not carrying a movie. She had a bag of tomatoes in her hand and a stolid little girl by her side. We drove to a nearby apartment and the girl went in with tomatoes and emerged with a set of DVDs. Yay! I dropped everyone off at the right house, made dinner, and read a little while Victoria drew bowls. When it was Victoria's bedtime, I was very happy to reach the end of The Supergirl Storybook, a very lame adaptation of what seems to have been a bad movie.

Then I got a bunch of stuff together to give away. I have been getting rid of stuff at the rate of about one box per night but my progress is not very visible. Every time Brian returns home he asks the same thing, "Are you going to get rid of this stuff?" Maybe I will give the ironing board away next. Hehe.
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