koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

more fives

1. If you could pick your own theme song, what would it be?
Beethoven's 7th, the whole thing
2. Now be honest...if others had to pick a song that described you, what would they choose?
I don't know, but if someone picked Elvis Costello's Poison Moon I wouldn't be surprised.
3. What song would be/was the first dance at your wedding?
There was no dancing at my wedding. Next!
4. What song gets stuck in your head most often?
I can't think of one that gets stuck more often than others. There usually is one stuck for a few days at a time, though--right now it's Weezer's Undone (The Sweater Song), which is odd because I haven't heard it recently.
5. What song would you want played at your funeral?
Of course I wouldn't care a bit, but I don't suppose it would hurt to play Spearhead's Hole in the Bucket at any thoughtful gathering.

1. When is the last time you dressed inappropriately for a situation?
Back in July I forgot about a meeting at work and showed up in a t-shirt and shorts. Not a big deal.
2. How many friends do you have?
My first guess was going to be 50, but I started counting and it's probably more than that, maybe 100? These would be people who could easily say, "Yes, Koralleen and I are friends," but by another definition they might be labelled acquaintances instead. I don't have very close friends.
3. Are you running on time today?
I am running slightly less late than usual.
4. Do you use bleach on your laundry?
No. I don't sort colors from whites, either.
5. What are your thoughts on guns?
They are interesting instruments. I prefer to admire them from afar.

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