koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

good day / bad day

Brian came home Wednesday night.He was sick. Cranky and tired and smelly. Went right to bed.
He left early Thursday morning.I wanted to ask him some questions but he was in a rush and also yelling at Christopher. No time.
No traffic driving to endodontist, who is in faraway Baltimore.He said I sure do need a root canal.
I said, "Darn, I've already had one on the tooth behind that one.
He said, "Yes, I see that."
I said, "It was dreadful."
Both he and his helper gasped. They were astonished! They had never heard of people who found dental work unpleasant! He asked me to explain.
"Well, it was way back in the back part of my mouth and I had to keep my mouth open really wide and then there was all this drilling and poking and ... are you serious? It was painful and long and horrible."
When I left they were still reeling in wide-eyed amazement. It was an odd scene, very funny. They must practice a lot.
Check Engine light went off on the way home.I am sure there will be more to this story.
The dog's pain medicine seems to be helping. She doesn't object to going up stairs lately.Her pee medicine doesn't seem to be helping. I had to clean the kitchen floor again and while I was doing that she peed on the porch.
Dropped by the post office and had an unexpected book order with payment waiting.I was six minutes late to make the deposit three doors down. Stupid bank closes at 2pm. I wish I had those hours. Now I have to do it Saturday--when they close at noon.
Decided to blow off the rest of the workday - stopped by a bookstore with a "metaphysics" specialty, found two books for kugelblitz.They were madly overpriced.
Found a truly insanely underpriced book to make up for it.Spent 30 minutes I couldn't afford looking for books to buy to fit the Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale. Couldn't justify buying any more books there.
Picked a book from his "santa's bag". Oh my goodness! The book gods smile upon me.There is no bad side to this story.
Dropped by another shop with an owner I really like.A book I forgot to buy there last week was gone already. Wasted too much time chatting, couldn't shop, had to hurry to pick up Victoria.
Just made it on time.Got home, dog had peed in the kitchen AGAIN. Christopher had been home and gone out (lacrosse game), left stuff everywhere. Annoying.
Started to drive to a neighbor's house to retrieve a book that she had kindly picked up for me at the author's presentation a couple of weeks ago.Locked myself out of the house. I knew it the SECOND I shut the door--purse in hand, keys inside on table. Argh.
Next-door neighbors gave me all the unidentified keys in their key drawer to try.None worked on our doors.
Decided to walk to the book-picking-up neighbor's house. Could have taken the bus, but ...No money in purse.
It's a hike, but a very nice day.Victoria did not feel like walking.
Got the book. Stopped by 7-11 on the way back for a Slurpee. Is Crystal Light Raspberry Slurpee approved for South Beach Diet Phase I? I say yes.I have to charge two small Slurpees to my Visa card. That's not really bad, just batty.
Got home and waited on the porch for Christopher.Long wait in the dark, trying to keep tired & hungry Victoria amused.
Chris gets home.He doesn't have keys with him. He grabs a ladder and climbs in through his window. I will have to fix that window, it was too easy.


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