koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

still flossing + other matters

Some people may wonder whether I am still flossing daily and I assure them and everyone else that indeed I am. I think at this point I can say that it has become a habit.

Other things:

When I learn of a book that sounds interesting, I put it on my wishlist at paperbackswap. (It's not true that you can only exchange paperbacks.) That way I can just get whatever catches my eye at the library because I know the books on my list will come to me in time. Very liberating. But what on earth made me put The Mad Cook of Pymatuning on my list? It arrived while I was out of town and I read it last night. That is to say, I read the execrable initial chapters, then turned to the final 20 pages to confirm the blatently telegraphed conclusion. I wish I could remember what made me think I would like to read it.

It has been a hectic week as I try to get my house and head back to work after a long vacation. I'm not quite there yet. Back-to-school and all that, too. Plus the moving thing. Oh, and state fair, which means something if you work for the extension service. The ants are back as well. Ants!

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