koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

friday fives

1. Who do you live with?
Most consistently, I live with my 4yo daughter. My husband lives in the house, too, officially, but he is out of town more than half the time. My older kids live at school, although my son has been home for the summer.
2. Do you like who you live with or do you want change?
I like it.
3. Describe the ideal roommate:
Dependable, tidy, asexual, cheerful. I think my ideal roommate might be a plastic sunflower.
4. How much sleep did you get last night?
four hours
5. Where would you love to play hide-and-seek?
I don't care for the game, I'd rather not play it anywhere.

1. What book or books were special to you in your childhood?
The ones I remember re-reading several times: Black Beauty; The Once and Future King; two by John Steinbeck, The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights and Travels with Charley; Watership Down; Swiss Family Robinson
2. What was particularly special or memorable about those books?
3. Have you re-read any of them as an adult?
The Once and Future King and I started Swiss Family Robinson
4. If so, were the books as good as you remembered them?
The Once and Future King was better, and sadder. As a kid I paid more attention to thrills than tragedy. Swiss Family Robinson was unbearable! I can't believe I missed seeing what a jerk the dad was. I tried to read it out loud to my kids a while back but I could not continue--I think I will try again, though, on my own.
5. What do you think about movies being made out of children's classics (like the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of The Rings, etc.)?
No opinion, I haven't seen the movies yet

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