koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Another Super Seattle Day

The night before yesterday, I looked all over the web for a playground near us. I found a park that was about 25 minutes away by bus (Magnolia. Discovery Park was just a little further along, but it appeared to be more for the hiking crowd. I just wanted a playground, dammit) I thought it might be cool to visit the Archee McPhee store, too, so I wrote down the transfer stop for our return trip and we set off.

The playground at Magnolia Park was one lonely swingset, just dismal. It was a lovely setting overlooking the bay, though, and had plenty of space for running around. By luck, foresight, whatever, I had brought the paper airplane book (4 pages of instructions, 22 sheets of paper) so we made two models and raced them for a while. Just as we were leaving, two dog-walkers came by, no kids. The neighborhood we walked through showed few signs of life, either. Nice houses on small lots, the only people we saw were lawn guys.

We caught the return bus and missed the spot to transfer. I didn't want to wait an hour just to add another retail experience to my portfolio, so we stayed on until the middle of town and then walked toward Pioneer Square. I had heard about the Smith Tower, an old 42-story building with an observation deck at the top, and as we walked down the street I was pretty sure we were approaching same. We went up (cool old elevator) and peered down for some time. We wandered over to the Gold Rush National Park, which is not much of a "park" but it is an engrossing exhibit about the Yukon gold rush. We watched their film and stayed there for a really long time--they had an outfit supplier's store set up and Victoria sold me stuff for at least a half-hour. Wandered back along the waterfront and then we went to the market one more time.

The whole day, Victoria did her own walking, which was very nice for me. It may also explain why she is still sleeping this morning. We fly out this afternoon and get in around midnight. I am interested in seeing what the house looks like after three weeks of Christopher.

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